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    PACCAR extends its zero emission leadership with a large selection of PACCAR chargers offered through PACCAR Parts and a strong partnership with EnTech Solutions and Schneider Electric to provide comprehensive battery charging solutions.


    High-density battery packs deliver up to a 200 mile range with zero emissions and a rapid two-hour DC re-charge. Perfect for local distribution, pickup and delivery and last mile logistics applications.

    • Choose from two direct-drive motors rated at 355 hp and 469 hp

    • Enough torque to start the load from a stop on a 20% grade and the power to maintain 40 mph on a 6% grade while fully loaded

    • Select from 141 kW and 282 kW battery packs for driving ranges of 100 and 200 miles, respectively, on a single charge

    • DC fast-charge time of two hours


    The urban-friendly K270 and K370 cabovers are also available with the PACCAR PX-6 and PX-7 diesel engines.

  • Why Choose a K270E/K370E?

    These zero-emissions models feature many of the same benefits as their fueled counterparts. Below are some of the many reasons drivers choose one of these cabover machines.

    Optimal Visibility & Steering

    Both models provide exceptional visibility. An extensive wraparound windshield is complemented by oversized side windows, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, and a cutting-edge forward lighting system. This combination ensures an unmatched, wide and unobstructed field of vision.

    Spacious Interior

    Within the cabin, you'll find a quiet, fully-trimmed interior that boasts greater width and height compared to most medium-duty cabs. It also features comfortable seating for a three-person crew, along with ample storage options overhead, on the door panels, beneath the passenger seats, and on the rear wall.

    Convenient Maintenance Solutions

    Daily maintenance checks can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The front panel conveniently opens, granting instant access to the air filter restriction gauge, coolant levels, washer fluid, refrigerant, and the engine oil dipstick. Regardless of the model you choose, you're starting with a versatile, robust, and dependable chassis meticulously engineered by Kenworth, designed to endure the long haul.

  • High-Density Battery PacksDeliver up to a 200 mile range with zero emissions and a rapid two-hour DCre-charge