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  • Exterior


    The rugged and durable C500 is a truck that gets work done, year after year. Designed with utility in mind, the C500 stands for uncompromised performance and durability. The melded aluminum, fiberglass, and steel cab structure ensures that your C500 is ready to handle any and all adverse conditions. As always, Kenworth offers a variety of exterior options to transform the C500 into the heavy duty, off-road champion that your drivers want to drive.

  • Interior


    As rugged as the exterior is, the new C500 features interior amenities that make driving the off-road warrior a pleasure. The day cab has been extended to provide extra room for the driver, including over two feet of cubic storage. In addition to the compact day cabs, Kenworth now offers the 38” and 42” sleeper options. The C500 combines industry-leading functionality and durability with improved comfort that drivers expect from a Kenworth product.

  • Performance


    The C500 has been, and always will be known for outstanding performance in all conditions. In order to make repairs and withstand the punishment of the most difficult jobs, Kenworth engineered an all brass and copper radiator that’s mounted to the frame, and situated the engine high on the frame for easy access. The C500 comes equipped with high performance Cummins or PACCAR engines that will match its exterior toughness. Kenworth offers several custom options, including high capacity radiators and 150,000 pound steel springs, to make your C500 the most versatile and high performance heavy duty truck.

  • Cab Options

    The C500 is versatile with more cab options to fit your specific application. It comes available with the standard day cab, the 42” FlatTop sleeper, and now features the extended day cab, and the 38” AeroCab FlatTop Sleeper.

    Extended Day Cab

    • Enhanced cab length for improved driver comfort
    • More than 2 cubic feet of additional in-cab storage
    • Convenient access from both driver and passenger sides
    • Ample space for outerwear and safety gear

    38” AeroCab FlatTop Sleeper

    • Perfect for vocational operations needing a highly maneuverable truck with greater versatility than a standard day cab
    • Constructed with aluminum and fiberglass for durability
    • Compact design with generous headroom
    • Bunk that can be raised, a 24in x 78in tilt-up mattress, upper and lower bunk storage, full headliner, insulated rubber floor mats, vented access doors
  • New Features on the C500

    Larger Cooling Module

    • Enhanced Cooling Module
    • Reduces weight and allows improved air circulation
    • Module fins now crafted from aluminum instead of copper-brass
    • Implemented across all C500 applications, compatible with new wide fiberglass or sheet metal hoods, or optional FEPTO
    • FEPTO includes a small cutout on the parent frame rail for easy cooling module installation

    2 New Hoods: Fiberglass & Sheet Metal

    • Accommodating the larger cooling module, boosting cooling capacity
    • Increased cooling capability enhances stationary horsepower to 600 hp and allows for gross combination weights of up to 200,000 lbs without application approval
  • Gross Combination WeightUp to 200k lbs
  • HorsepowerUp to 600HP