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  • Exterior

    Bold Design and Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics

    The Kenworth T680 features a bold exterior design that enhances its superior fuel economy. The sweeping lines and lightweight aluminum design make the T680 up to 12% more aerodynamic than all other Kenworth models. This is the truck for drivers who want to maximize performance and efficiency.

  • Interior


    The Kenworth T680 combines exceptional comfort, advanced technology, and traditional design to offer the ultimate driving experience. The large sleeper features several amenities for your comfort, while the dash is equipped with a high-tech driver performance center and adjustable GT seats.

  • Features & Options
    Feature Benefit
    Advanced Suspension Micro Adjustable Damping Choose between comfortable and responsive rides
    Suspension Travel Protection Zone No harsh bump stops
    Base Extension with Independent Full Tilt Optimize both leg comfort and recline angle
    Weight Compensating Auto Level and Memory No need to realign for different size drivers
    Height Independent Adjustability Maximum comfort at all heights
    Upper Back Adjustability Spine matching contouring for a comfortable ride
    Adjustable Side Bolsters Individualized side-to-side support
    Climate Heating Warming comfort in the winter
    Cooling Cooling in the summer
    Longevity Replaceable Cushions Keep your seats looking new without extra cost
  • Performance


    The 2013 Heavy Duty Truck of the Year is the industry's highest performer. The T680 is powered by a PACCAR MX-13 engine, capable of delivering up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque. These engines feature a fully optimized and integrated drivetrain that ensures your truck runs efficiently while delivering the necessary power for any job.

  • Why Choose the T680?

    Aerodynamic Design

    The T680 makes a statement inside and out. Its flowing lines have been precision honed through exhaustive design testing to perfect airflow efficiency. Inside that sleek exterior is a control center that's optimized for safety and comfort.

    Craftsmanship & Quality

    While there will always be a difference between driving for pleasure and driving for a living, the T680 makes the distinction barely noticeable. Space, elegant design, fine craftsmanship and an abundance of luxury details define the environment. Interior systems are designed to fit the driver, combining feel and sense of control with true ergonomic comfort.

  • Available Sleeper Options

    72-Inch Sleeper

    The Kenworth T680 76-inch sleeper is the ultimate driver’s truck. Offering a spacious, modern and elegant interior with configurable options that personalize — and heighten — the driving experience. As you can see, it’s also a great place to work or just relax, offering a myriad of home-like amenities that bring an extra measure of comfort.


    • Swivel dining table
    • TV wall mount
    • Extra cupboard storage
    • Drawer-style fridge/freezer
    • Wardrobe cabinet

    52-Inch Sleeper

    When the scheduler requires a layover, the Kenworth’s 52-inch sleeper is a welcome sanctuary. It measures 94 inches wide with a generous walkthrough, along with stand-up-and stretch headroom. It's elegant, supremely comfortable, and a great payoff any day.


    • TV wall mount
    • Generous lighting
    • Extra storage
    • Sleeper control panel
    • Liftable bunk
  • Advanced Technology

    The T680 employs a suite of ingenious technologies and design features that elevate the driving experience to new heights of safety, efficiency, and satisfaction. These intelligent support systems empower the driver to make better, more informed decisions, remain connected 24/7, and dial in the perfect work environment.

    Kenworth NavPlus® is integrated into the dash of your T680 and presents cutting-edge telematics, navigation, diagnostics, and business system features at the touch of the 7-inch, high-resolution color screen. Among its many productivity tools, NavPlus® integrates wireless, hands-free phoning with seamless coverage coast to coast.

  • Horsepower380 to 500HP
  • Sleeper Sizes52" available