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  • Truck Features and Components
    • Lift axles can be factory-installed, providing a fully-integrated solution where the braking system, lift controls and piping, the frame, and even chassis components have all been designed with your final use in mind.
    • The Kenworth factory-installed front engine power takeoff (FEPTO) avoids aftermarket retrofit problems. The 1,440-sq. in. radiator includes a modified bottom tank for PTO shaft clearance. A front-frame extension provides space for front-mounted equipment like hydraulic rams or hose reels.
    • A T800 can be specified with engine-mounted or traditional-looking cowl-mounted air cleaners.
    • The set-back front axle helps to deliver up to 54 degrees of wheel cut, helping you maneuver loads with ease.
    • A sloped hood gives drivers better front-of-truck visibility than straight hood conventional trucks. And optional cab corner windows help drivers operating in reverse by providing a better view of their surroundings. A great solution for intersections on the worksite.
  • Technological Advancements in the T800

    Kenworth’s Multi-function Highline Display provides the driver with important real-time information on truck performance. The touch of a button displays up-to-the-second readouts on cumulative trip fuel economy, optimum RPM for maximizing fuel efficiency, and system diagnostics.

    The T800’s power distribution box puts all circuit protection elements — fuses, relays and breakers — in one quick-to-reach location.

  • Interior of the T800


    The new T800 represents comfort as much as its predecessors stood for power. The cab features plenty of room in the areas drivers need it most – leg, belly, knee, and elbow – and utilizes state-of-the-art multiplexed instrumentation in the most technologically advanced dashboard system yet. The optional studio sleeper cab ensures that drivers making long haul deliveries will rest comfortably during time-off and remain productive throughout the entire trip.

  • Performance

    The T800 continues to set the performance standard in the categories that matter most for heavy-duty trucks – increased payload, agility, and control. The 48.5” set-back front axle allows the driver to shift more weight to the front axle, resulting in increased payload with every truckload. Kenworth’s enhanced steering capabilities enable T800 drivers to traverse even the most difficult terrain while carrying large payloads with relative ease. The PACCAR MX-13 engine has the power to match the T800’s industry leading payload capabilities.

  • Durability & Reliability

    Kenworth’s frame is a continuous straight rail constructed of heat-treated steel, offering superior strength and longevity. Extruded aluminum crossmembers and aluminum gussets — in standard designs for easy replacement — add additional foundation without adding a lot of extra weight. And all the components are free-fit fastened for extended life.

    All air and electrical lines are mounted high in the frame, away from potential sources of heat, caustic chemicals and mechanical abrasion. Plus, the 12-volt maintenance-free batteries are mounted on the left-hand side, close to the starter motor for minimum voltage drop.

  • Fr. Axle CapUp to 22k lbs
  • Horsepower380 to 500HP