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  • Features & Options
    Feature Benefit
    Advanced Suspension Micro Adjustable Damping Set exactly the ride feel you desire
    Suspension Travel Protection Zone Avoid harsh bump stops
    Base Extension with Independent Full Tilt Enhance leg comfort and customize recline angle
    Weight Compensating Auto Level and Memory Not necessary to readjust for different size drivers
    Height Independent Adjustability Maximum comfort at all heights
    Upper Back Adjustability An OEM industry first providing spine matching contouring
    Adjustable Side Bolsters Customizable side-to-side support
    Climate Heating Warmth in the winter
    Cooling Cooling comfort in the summer
    Longevity Replaceable Cushions Maintain interior without extra cost
  • Interior


    The Kenworth T880 features a luxurious and intelligent interior that offers a comfortable ride and puts the driver in complete control. The curved, state-of-the-art control center, highlighted by the Kenworth NavPlus and SmartWheel, comes standard in all T880s. The fully-trimmed interior, available in Vantage or Diamond packages, features Kenworth’s industry leading seats with several additions available to further enhance the driving experience.

  • Exterior


    Whether it’s hauling logs up the side of a mountain or hauling transnationally, the Kenworth T880’s bold design commands respect and admiration. This truck features a low sloped, 5-piece Metton hood and expansive windshield for maximum visibility. As with all Kenworth trucks, the T880 is fully customizable with exterior additions including fender close-out accessories and chrome exhaust elbows.

  • Performance


    Custom engineered from taillight to bumper, the Kenworth T880 is equipped to handle any job you throw at it. It all begins with the industry leading PACCAR MX-13 – the engine that is capable of 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, and provides enough power to tackle even the most difficult jobs. Kenworth also offers additional features that ensure your truck operates at peak performance every day.

  • Available Advanced Technology

    Kenworth machines are designed to increase driver safety, productivity, and comfort. The T880 features groundbreaking technology that benefits and enriches the driving experience like never before. Kenworth’s SmartWheel® multifunction steering wheel puts the most frequently used controls right under the driver’s fingertips. High-definition instrumentation includes detailed virtual gauges that deliver real-time information at a glance. And Kenworth NavPlus® — a revolutionary driver interface and productivity tool — seamlessly integrates vehicle navigation, entertainment, diagnostics, and cutting-edge communication into a single, full-color touchscreen.

  • Efficiency & Dependability

    The Kenworth T880 has been designed to keep your operation running on all cylinders, all the time. At peak efficiency. With minimum downtime. You need that kind of commitment from your truck. And you need a manufacturer who knows how to make it easy for your body builder to do his job fast. How to make daily service checks a walk in the park. How to speed your stay in the service bay with ingenious new ways to save time and cost. How to make sure your truck comes out of the factory job-ready with whatever your need.

    Components Designed to Reduce Downtime

    • Troubleshooting air and electrical systems has never been easier. A centralized passthrough on the firewall provides ready access.
    • The firewall-mounted brake pedal reduces leg strain — an ergonomic difference that means less driver fatigue at the end of the day.
    • A new angled steering gear design provides up to 9 degrees of additional wheel cut, allowing for a tighter turn radius.
    • Made of durable Metton, the 5-piece T880 hood offers bolt-on fenders for quick replacement.
    • Keep dirt, mud, and spray at bay with Kenworth’s optional forward fender close-out accessory.
    • Electric Over Air dash switches provide improved reliability and eliminate air leaks and noise in the cab.
    • Complex reflector halogen headlights offer the lighting performance of projector beam systems without the extra cost.
    • Kenworth offers many factory options to streamline body installation, from a 12-pin remote engine harness interface to a J1939 CAN bus harness.
    • Optional lower chrome exhaust elbows are just one of the ways to dress up your T880.
  • Axle CapFr. Axle Cap. Up to 22k lbs; Rr. Axle Cap. up to 52k lbs
  • Horsepower380 to 500HP