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  • Exterior


    When you drive a Kenworth W990, others notice. It is a look. It is a sound. It is the undeniable recognition of your achievement. With 130 inches from bumper to back-of-cab, no one ignores the sheer presence of Kenworth’s latest long-hood classic. Nor will they miss your personalized message so clearly reflected in customized brightwork, hand-stitched upholstery and soul-stirring dual chromed stacks. Then there’s the hand-masked, hand-finished paint job, with a luster so deep you can see it for miles. And the exclusive styling of the Kenworth W990.... What a showstopper. A W990 blends the choices you make, from powertrain to paint scheme, with Kenworth’s right-the-first-time manufacturing expertise. The result is the best-engineered, hardest-working, most comfortable and downright awe-inspiring truck on the road.

  • Sleeper Options

    For as long as there have been trucks, the Kenworth brand has always stood for custom-built quality, superior driveability and unparalleled luxury. Fast forward. The W990 is about to redefine your entire perception of interior space, fit and finish in a long-hood conventional. Whether you choose a workhorse-rugged, yet way-above standard Vantage interior, the custom

    look of a Diamond upholstery package or the pure indulgence of a W990 Limited Edition, you’ve got everything you need to perform at peak efficiency, and rest well in an environment that takes you closer to home every mile you’re away. Tour a 76 Inch Mid-Roof sleeper or one of our AeroCab sleepers. Note the perfect balance between business and comfort. The thoughtful, convenient and productive layout. The creative and elegant interior appointments. All handcrafted to the same exacting standard we use to build the rest of your Kenworth W990. Look forward to the road.
  • Interior


    Open the door on a W990 and it’s easy to understand why so many professionals would prefer to turn the key of a Kenworth than any other truck. Settle in. Stretch out. Deep, luxurious diamond-and-button upholstery creates a welcoming sanctuary reminiscent of the world’s finest luxury sedans. Fully adjustable Air Cushion Premium Plus seats have been orthopedically contoured for comfort and support. The state-of-the-art dash features multiplexed electronic instrumentation, all the gauge options you want, and large, easy-to-reach switches and controls. In-cab storage includes a convenient place to put your thermos; upholstered seat back pockets; center console with drink holders, two 12-volt outlets, a perfect spot to place your cell phone and more.

  • Kenworth NAV+ HD

    NAV+ HD is an in-dash display designed specifically for life on the road. Its high-resolution 7-inch color screen gives you access to a full range of valuable and productive features:

    • Truck-specific navigation
    • Roadside assistance
    • Vehicle data
    • Hands-free calling
    • Audio controls
    • Blind-spot camera inputs
    • Internet
  • Driver's Studio Package

    The Driver’s Studio incorporates a 180-degree swivel for the passenger seat along with a swivel table option, effectively transforming the cab and sleeper into a spacious studio layout. Convenient LED lighting illuminates the sleeper area, ensuring ample interior brightness. To optimize standing room within the sleeper, a simple latch pull allows for a 90-degree rotation of the table over the bunk.

    This package also includes a swivel TV mount suitable for flat-screen TVs up to 28 inches, a premium audio setup comprising a 320-watt amp, a 10-inch subwoofer, and eight speakers, alongside the optional EpicVue pre-wire for satellite TV. The mid-level mounted drawer-style refrigerator/freezer boasts ample capacity. Moreover, generous storage space is available, accommodating items like a microwave, laptops, and various portable devices.

  • W990 Sleeper Options

    76-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper

    For lower-profile and weight-sensitive applications, the 76-inch mid-roof sleeper reduces weight by 100 lbs compared to our full-height options. The spacious sleeper can be ordered with either the optional back wall storage system or folding upper bunk.

    52-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper

    The Kenworth 52-inch sleeper measures 8 feet wide with a generous walkthrough, plus additional room to stand up and stretch. .

    40-Inch Flat Top Sleeper

    This compact, yet comfortable sleeping environment features 22 cubic feet of storage space, overhead shelves, a cell phone cubby and extra large coat hooks specifically designed to hold hard hats as well as coats.

  • Kenworth TruckTech+

    Remote Diagnostics

    Kenworth's innovative remote diagnostics technology enables the early identification and resolution of potential issues, preventing disruptions to your operations.

    • Receive immediate notifications regarding actionable engine and aftertreatment faults.
    • Benefit from proactive diagnostic support and repair planning, including in-depth analysis of critical fault codes.
    • Leverage PACCAR's exclusive "diagnostic reasoning" engine, aiding technicians in expediting fault guidance and diagnostics.

    Service Management

    Accessible across the Kenworth PremierCare® service network, TruckTech+ Service Management allows real-time management of both scheduled and unscheduled service events via a web portal.

    • Streamline communications and organization with detailed notes, emails, time-stamped activities, and electronic approvals.
    • Eliminate error-prone data entry and the need for multiple system access by centralizing all asset information, encompassing build details, service history, warranty information, and product updates.
  • Horsepower405-510HP
  • Sleeper Sizes40" | 52" | 76"