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  • Interior

    Efficient, Convenient & Comfortable:

    Tough, efficient and reliable, the new Kenworth T380V and T480V can maximize the versatility and money-making potential of your business - while offering the comfort and driveability of a fine automobile.

    Digital Display & SmartWheel:

    A new, class-leading customizable 7-inch high-definition digital display employs cutting-edge technology to deliver critical operating information to the driver intuitively, efficiently, with minimum distraction.

  • Performance


    Kenworth T380V/T480V

    The new Kenworth T380V/T480V vocational hood models are the ideal solution for applications requiring full parent rails and Front Engine Power Take Off (FEPTO), as well as 4x4 or 6x6 capability.

  • Engine


    260 - 450 HP

    860 - 1,250 lb/ft of Torque


    200 - 360 HP

    520 - 860 lb/ft of Torque

    *Only engine available for T180


    *Contact your local dealer for more information

  • Videos
  • Transmission


    Introducing the latest technology in automatic transmissions, engineered and built to optimize PACCAR’s PX engine-based powertrain solution for medium-duty applications.

  • Technological Features

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Utilizing a front-facing radar sensor, this feature comprehends traffic conditions, adjusting both throttle and brakes to maintain your truck at a predetermined distance from the vehicle in front.

    Collision Mitigation

    Sensing potential collisions with other vehicles or objects, this system alerts the driver and initiates proactive braking measures, effectively preventing or significantly reducing the impact of a potential crash.

    Side Object Detection

    Constantly monitoring blind spots, this feature alerts the driver audibly and visually when an object or vehicle enters these zones. It's particularly useful when executing lane changes or navigating through confined delivery areas.

    Lane Departure Warning

    Continuously monitoring the truck's position in relation to lane markings, this system issues a distinct audible warning upon detecting an unintended lane change (without signaling), prompting the driver to take corrective action.

  • Why Choose the T380V/T480V?

    With vocational hoods, these trucks are a great choice for construction work, utility jobs, emergency services and more. And with so many customizable options, you can build your truck to perfectly fit your business objectives. You'll increase your onsite efficiency over time and reduce unnecessary downtime.

    Kenworth T380

    The Class 7 T380, as a straight truck or tractor, offers a GVW up to 33,000 lbs – a multi-dimensional performer perfect for almost any vocation.

    Kenworth T480

    The Class 8 T480 merges just the right mix of brain and brawn to forge a whole new class at the heavy end of what is usually termed “medium duty.” Available as a straight truck or tractor, with a GVW up to 66,000 lbs.

  • Axle CapFr. Axle Cap. 10k-20k lbs; Rr. Axle Cap. 20k-46k lbs
  • Horsepower200 - 450 HP
  • Torque520 - 1,250 LB/FT