Papé Kenworth is proud to offer a brand new class of medium-duty trucks, custom-built from the ground up to maximize your uptime. With a robust and highly maneuverable chassis design, plus a streamlined exterior built for superior visibility, you can get where you’re going with ease. Purpose-built, driver-first operating systems and ergonomic cab environment offer comfort and day-one driveability. Hop into the driver’s seat and experience the award-winning Kenworth medium-duty truck, redesigned.

Seeking a heavier duty rig? Papé Kenworth also offers the T380 and T480 Class 7 & 8 models, newly designed and ready to get to work. Custom-engineered from the ground up, these models feature a highly maneuverable chassis and a wide range of hood configurations to suit every need – from powertrain options to axle configurations and PTO requirements. Just like our medium-duty models, the T380 and T480 feature cutting-edge, intuitive operating systems and an ultra-accommodating cab environment built for the long drives. No matter where in the west you’re going, the team at Papé Kenworth is ready to get you in the truck you've been waiting for.

Introducing Kenworth New Medium Duty Trucks

Kenworth T180 / T280

The Kenworth T180 is available as a straight truck in 4x2 configurations with a gross vehicle weight rating up to 19,000 lbs. - perfected for the demands of urban delivery. No CDL Required.

A true Class 6 vehicle rated at 26,000 lbs, the Kenworth T280 is available as a straight truck - ideal for a range of regional haul and general freight applications.

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Kenworth T380 / T480

The Class 7 T380, as a straight truck or tractor, offers a GVW up to 33,000 lbs - a multi-dimensional performer perfect for almost any vocation.

The Class 8 T480 merges just the right mix of brain and brawn to forge a whole new class at the heavy end of what is usually termed "medium duty" . Available as a straight truck or tractor, with a GVW up to 66,000 lbs.

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Kenworth T380V / T480V

The new Kenworth T380V/T480V vocational hood models are the ideal solution for applications requiring full parent rails and Front Engine Power Take Off (FEPTO), as well as 4x4 or 6x6 capability.


Introducing the latest technology in automatic transmissions, engineered and built to optimize PACCAR's PX engine-based powertrain solution for medium-duty applications.

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Adaptive cruise control

The Kenworth New Medium Duty Trucks come equipped with a front-facing radar sensor that reads traffic conditions–plus modulates the throttle and brakes–providing an extra layer of security and ensuring that drivers can effortlessly maintain adequate distance from the vehicle in front of them.

Collision mitigation

Next generation collision detection keeps Kenworth drivers and others on the road secure. Innovative technology alerts the driver to unexpected objects and vehicles and even takes braking action when necessary, significantly decreasing the risk of severe crashes.

Side object detection

Blind spots are a thing of the past with Kenworth's new Medium Duty Trucks. Receive audible and visual alerts when an object or vehicle enters blind zones – ensuring safety during lane changes, tight turns, deliveries, and more.

Lane departure warning

Worry less with Kenworth’s innovative safety features. The new line of Medium Duty Trucks are fitted with a smart system which monitors the truck’s proximity to lane markings, emitting a warning sound when an unintended or unsignaled lane change is detected.

Connected Trucktech+

An innovative new technology that helps you diagnose and solve potential problems before they impact your operation.

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Inside the Cabin

Product Walkaround

Learn more about the different New Medium Duty models, custom-engineered from the ground up to answer your toughest operating challenges.

Kenworth Medium Duty Product Development


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