Papé Kenworth is proud to offer

Papé Kenworth is proud to offer

Profit-tuned performance, perfected for the road ahead

End-to-end solutions just got an upgrade with the expertly engineered Kenworth T680 Next Generation. With specially designed, long lasting and easier-to-service components, the T680 is built for the long haul. Smart technology features maximize safety, minimizing strain on the operator and making driving more intuitive. Aerodynamic for smooth operation with a luxurious interior that ensures like-home comfort, the T680 from Papé Kenworth is made to maximize profit and performance without any sacrifice. Buckle in for the next generation of long-haul tractor trucks.

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Introducing the next generation

Pape Kenworth is proud to offer the new T680. Optimize every mile with the T680 Next Gen’s innovative, aerodynamic design that guarantees up to six percent in fuel savings, ensuring that drivers get the most out of every gallon. Exterior features such as a narrower hood and grille, plus A-pillar turning vanes, allow the body of the truck to cut through air faster, while integrated front air dams, redesigned chassis fairings and optional 28-inch side extenders keep airflow tight and in check. Watch the video to learn more.

15-Inch Digital Display

The T680 lets drivers see the big picture with a 15-inch, high definition digital display with completely customizable instrumentation. Who’s ready for the open road?

World-class accomodations

When drivers are on the road, the comforts of home may seem far away. With the Kenworth T680, generous space combined with ergonomic seat design, groundbreaking technology and unparalleled craftsmanship keep drivers working and resting in comfort. With Papé Kenworth, it’s all in the details.

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Adaptive cruise control

The T680 Next Gen comes equipped with a front-facing radar sensor that reads traffic conditions–plus modulates the throttle and brakes–providing an extra layer of security and ensuring that drivers can effortlessly maintain adequate distance from the vehicle in front of them.

Collision mitigation

Next generation collision detection keeps Kenworth drivers and others on the road secure. Innovative technology alerts the driver to unexpected objects and vehicles and even takes braking action when necessary, significantly decreasing the risk of severe crashes.

Side object detection

Blind spots are a thing of the past with the T680 next gen. Receive audible and visual alerts when an object or vehicle enters blind zones – ensuring safety during lane changes, tight turns, deliveries, and more.

Lane departure warning

Worry less with Kenworth’s innovative safety features. The T680’s smart system monitors the truck’s proximity to lane markings, emitting a warning sound when an unintended or unsignaled lane change is detected.

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Lane keep assist

With smart technology that discerns between intentional and accidental lane changes, the T680 uses camera input to help drivers stay in position, “nudging” the truck back into place when called for. Don’t need this feature? A handy switch allows for temporary disablement.

Torque assisted steering

Reduce fatigue and feel more support when steering with Kenworth’s added torque support. With three levels to choose from, every driver can feel optimum support and comfort at the wheel.

Inside the Cabin

Developing the next generation

Good design doesn’t happen in a bubble. Kenworth employed integrated engineering teams, experts in aerodynamics and seasoned styling departments to elevate the T680 for a truly “next generation” truck driving experience. Plus, the T680 was created in part through the valuable input of over 100 truck drivers. Reach out to your local Pape Kenworth location to learn more.


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